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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

Yes. In most situations the itineraries provided are flexible so as to enable you to build your own holiday. The trip leader may be able to help you make any specific alternative arrangements - please notify us at the time of booking. The only exception to this rule is when we are trekking, or travelling from one place to the next night's stop. Please note anything organised outside of the group activity will be at your own cost.

How difficult is the trek on my trip?

For all travellers we recommend that you check out the Physical and Culture Shock Rating that applies to the trip you are considering and make your own judgement according to your fitness levels.


Are there western toilets available?

Some trips have regular access to western toilets while others don't. As a general rule, the more remote the place the less likely you are to find western bathroom facilities.

Arrival Information

Are airport transfers included in the trip price? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport?

Transfers are generally included in the price for most Intrepid trips. Many YITtrips are the exception however as they often do not include an arranged transfer. Please refer directly to the inclusions to find out whether a transfer is included in your trip. If a transfer is not included, YITare able to arrange transfers for you at an additional cost. Prices for transfers as well as pre and post accommodation can be re checked with us

What time can I check in?

Generally check-in in Asia is midday. In India check In time is 1400 Hrs and checkout time is 1100 Hrs. We can try for an early Check-In or late Checkout (depending on your flight schedule) but cannot be guaranteed. It is on sole discretion of the hotel, its policies and availability of rooms

How to Get a Brochure

Can I get a brochure?

You can obtain a brochure by sending us am email or on phone by calling us direct. You will be required to provide your address details and a brochure will be sent to you by YIT representatives in your region. Alternatively for a quick fix, we can send you a link and you can download pdf versions of brochure for quick look.

Travelling with Children

Can I take my young children on YIT trips?

We welcome children on our trips and have introduced the following guidelines to ensure the best possible experience both for the children and the rest of the group members:

  • For the majority of our trips there is no minimum age for children but they will be under your supervision all the time
  • All children irrespective of the age must be accompanied by an adult traveller who is responsible for the child's day to day care.

Currency Information

What is the currency in my destination? How much should I take in traveller's cheques/cash? Can you change traveller's cheques? Can I use my credit card during my trip?

Currency in India is INDIAN RUPEES.


ATM are easily available in all metro places in India. Mastercard or Visa is widely accepted at all major shops an departmental stores.

Discount Information

What is the Feedback discount?

Travellers who complete on-line feedback within four weeks of completing their trip may qualify for a 5% OR $50 discount off the full price next time they book an YOUR INDIA TRAVEL. To claim this discount, simply book your next trip and quote the reference number you are provided in your feedback confirmation email. This number is very important - your discount cannot be processed without it. Please store the email safely, as it is proof of your claim to the 5% OR $50 discount. This offer applies to new bookings only. For more information, write to us at

Existing bookings

How do I manage my existing booking?

You have a few ways to manage your existing booking. You can...

  • Call the reservations team +91 11 4742 0000
  • Write to us at
  • You can return to your booking at any time to add additional details and make further payments
  • You will need your Booking Number (you will find this on the confirmation email you receive after you make the initial booking) and your email address (this is the address for the First Passenger listed on your booking if there is more than one)
  • Note : you can also request assistance with Flights, Transfers and Pre- & Post-Trip Accommodation

What are your cancellation conditions?

If you wish to cancel your booking, please refer to our booking conditions.

Employment with YIT

Interested in working for YOUR INDIA TRAVEL ?

Please refer to employment pages for information regarding employment with YOUR INDIA TRAVEL.

Financial security

Is YIT financially secure?

Yes. YIT started in 2004 and have been profitable almost every year since then. YIT have substantial financial reserves that exceed the requirements set down by IATA and Indian Fund. This enables us to cope with major downturns in business such as that which occurred following September 11.

Is my travel agent financially secure?

It is an unfortunate fact that travel agents do go broke from time to time. If you are using a travel agent, it is your responsibility to ensure that the agent is financially sound. This is important as the agent may hold your money before sending it to us for your trip. Should that agency go broke before we have received your money, then it may be lost. Different countries have different levels of legislation, licences, bonds, trust accounts and/or insurance schemes to protect you. These vary greatly from country to country and some countries have no such protection at all. Please research this carefully to make sure the money you are paying is secure. Where there are no protection systems in your country, at least look at how long the business has been trading, ask others about their reputation and seek independent advice on reputable travel agencies.

Find a trip

Need to find the best trip for you?

Use the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can select a region or country to travel in by using the check menus. When you click on a trip name it will take you to a page with information about that trip including itinerary..


Are flights included?

The prices you see on our website and in our brochures are quoted 'land only'. We recognise that everybody has different airline preferences and affiliations and may choose to book their international flight with their travel agent, directly with an airline or via an online site.

Tour Inclusions

What is included in the trip price?

The land price of your trip includes:

  • All accommodation as listed
  • All transport as listed
  • Sightseeing and meals as listed
  • The services of a group leader as described

The land price of your trip does not include:

  • International or Internal flights unless specified
  • Taxes and excess baggage charges unless specified
  • Meals other than those specified
  • Visa and passport fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities and sightseeing and all personal expenses

Room Types

Can we book a triple room?

Depending on the trip style you choose, our trips are organised on a twin, triple or multishare basis. As our bookings are made well in advance individual room requests can not be guaranteed.

Can I book a single room?

You can book pre and post accommodation on a single basis however throughout your YIT trip, rooming is organised on a twin share basis. There will be an charge for Single person supplement

Safety and Medical Information

I am concerned about the political stability of the country through which my trip will travel.

YOUR INDIA TRAVEL runs trips in keeping with a basic travel safety policy. Should either the relevant consulates and/or our operations groups on the ground deem an area unsafe, trips will be cancelled so as to minimise risks to our groups. Please keep up to date with destination travel advisories as issued by your government's foreign affairs department.

Will refrigeration be available for medicines? eg. Insulin

Availability of refrigeration cannot be guaranteed. As a general rule, many of our city hotels provide access to small fridges however outside of this, especially when trekking or in homestay environments, you cannot rely on access to refrigeration.

I am over 60 - do I need a medical certificate?

YIT do not require a medical certificate from travellers below 70. We do however recommend that you observe the Physical and Culture Shock Rating that applies to the trip you are considering, and make your own judgement according to your fitness levels.

Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory for all YIT travellers and should be taken out at the time of booking. At a minimum your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability, with a minimum coverage of US$50,000. We also strongly recommend it covers cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. You must provide proof of your travel insurance on the first day of your trip; you will not be able to join the trip without it. If you obtain travel insurance through us you acknowledge that you are satisfied with the level of insurance we have arranged.

The YIT SUTRA Foundation

How can I donate to The Sutra Foundation?

Please print out a pdf donation form, complete the details requested, and post your donation to Sutra Foundation, 202 Suchet Chambers, 1224/5 Bank Street, Karol Bagh, Delhi-110005, India. You can also send your donation by RTGS / NEFT / Bank Transfer. Please write to us to obtain 'Sutra Foundation' Bank details

Will all my donation get to the ongoing projects?

Yes, the administration costs of The Sutra Foundation are being entirely funded by R G Destinations Pvt Ltd (Parent company of YOUR INDIA TRAVEL). 100% of public donations will reach the nominated program or project. All charities or foundations have administration costs - staff wages, advertising and marketing, accounting & legal fees, bank charges etc. For many charities this accounts for more than 20% of contributions.

Who holds the money I donate and can they be trusted?

The money you donated is deposited into an account managed by Sutra Foundation Fund. They are registered charities that aim to increase the flow of resources to charities and non-profit organisations..

SF must adhere to the very stringent regulations that are applied to the management of Trusts and Foundations. The Board of the Trustee, SF Fund, is responsible for making all grants. The Board has an extensive track record in corporate, charity and government sectors. Their annual accounts are audited each year by external auditors. YOUR INDIA TRAVEL chose to work with SF based on their excellent reputation and ability to meet our requirements - particularly in relation to accountability and transparency.

Is the Foundation owned by YOUR INDIA TRAVEL ?

No - the Foundation was established by YIT, and YIT contributes funds into the Foundation, however The Sutra Foundation is legally independent of YIT. In the extremely unlikely event of YOUR INDIA TRAVEL going bankrupt, The Sutra Foundation will continue due to its independence.

YOUR INDIA TRAVEL established the Foundation at the end of the 2004 Financial Year with a startup contribution .

Can I get involved with the Foundation in some way?

Of course the first way is to donate to any of the programs or projects offered! Fund-raising - we welcome any fund-raising initiatives that you may wish to take to support any of The Sutra Foundation's current beneficiary projects. You may have visited one of these projects while travelling with YIT. If suited we may be able to promote your fund-raiser through YIT Times, our montly email newsletter. YOUR INDIA TRAVEL will match the amount that you raise, dollar for dollar. Donations above INR 2,00,000 must be approved prior by The Sutra Foundation committee. The Sutra Foundation is a National level Organization and has a Committee of Management with 12 committee members. These positions are currently held by a one member of 12 different states in India so that no community can be made and total transparency should be there.

Is my donation tax deductible?

If you are a taxpayer, donations to The Sutra Foundation are tax deductible. Most of the projects listed under the Community Project Fund are not eligible for tax deductibility.

Why have YIT bothered to do this?

Since we started YIT way back in '04, we have honoured a commitment to contribute back to the communities where we operate. We supported many different projects some managed by NGOs based in India. As the company has grown, this support has grown and we have had a huge level of support from our travellers for the projects we endorse. It had come to a point where we recognised that as a travel company, not a charity if we wanted to continue to grow this support we needed it to be managed by experts who could offer clear accountability. So we decided to establish "The Sutra Foundation" and approached SF to manage it. Some people call it corporate social responsibility. We simply believe The Sutra Foundation will be a better way for our support to be able to grow, together with the public's support, well into the future.

Tipping Information

Is tipping common place in other parts of the world?

Yes, tipping is commonplace in most parts of the world. Your trip notes provide a general guide to recommended tipping amounts and your leader can advise in more detail where and when tipping is appropriate.


What is the best time of year to travel? What is the weather expected to be like in my chosen destination at the time I want to travel?.

The YOUR INDIA TRAVEL pre-departure information provides guidelines on the best time to travel for major cities in each YIT destinations For more general weather information we suggest you Click Here... Also visit our page "When to go" for more information on travel time and details

Website Problems

I am unable to open a link in the YIT ( website?

There could be hundreds of reasons for this from temporary glitches to mismatched settings on your own computer. We can confirm that the link URL's are correct however if they are not working on your computer, try copying the URL given and pasting it directly into your web browser. Alternatively, retype it into the browser yourself.

What to Pack

Can I take a suitcase rather than the recommended back pack?

We strongly advise that you do not bring a suitcase as they are bulky and difficult to carry and can be difficult to secure on trains etc. While your trip may not involve carrying your bags for any great distance, we would still recommend that you bring a backpack or soft bag. Porters are not always available to carry your luggage for you.

Can I store excess luggage at the starting point hotel?

Most starting point hotels can store your excess luggage for you however this is at your own risk. Often a nominal fee is charged for this service. Of course this is only an advantage if your trip is circular, i.e. returning to the starting point.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Most trips don't but some do. As a general rule, trips that involve trekking or overnight stays in homestays do require a sleeping bag or sheet.

Visa Information

I would like to confirm visa requirements for the trip I am interested in.

YOUR INDIA TRAVEL provide a detailed description of visa requirements in each set of Visa Notes. Please click on the Visas to know more about Visa requirements, embassy and other related information. Always ensure that you also check current requirements with your travel agent.

Where can I get my Visa?

For more information about visas relevant to your nationality, visit your embassy. To find a nation's embassy in any country, visit

I need further specific details about my trip in order to fill out my Visa Application Form.

You need to fill in all information regarding the trip that may be required in a Visa Application. For this you can contact your local travel agent or write / call us given numbers


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